strong>We Help Export Companies Grow

We have seen that many companies find it hard to get into export markets

For many companies it is very hard to get into export markets, and it is often due to a limited or unfocused effort.

It is expensive to hire a local export sales consultant, and it is often expensive and difficult to set up meetings in foreign countries. Often special language competencies are required.

Sales on Tap is focused on helping companies grow through a very significant increase in meetings with customers on export markets.

Our sales consultants are experienced in booking meetings and will cooperate with your sales staff to obtain qualified meetings with the most interesting customers.

We use proven processes and tools to ensure a high quality in the work, and to collect and store as much data as possible about potential customers.
New projects begin with a period where the sales consultant is trained in the customer’s product. He/she is trained in product knowledge, FAQs, USPs, competitors, etc. – typical knowledge that is required to represent the client’s product.

Our clients transfer relevant product brochures, contact letters, etc. to the sales assistant to enable communication with customers.

It is our philosophy that the duration of the collaboration with the client will stretch over several years, such that the sales consultant will become an integrated part of the client’s sales team with a higly specialized product knowledge.

Our clients will experience a high growth in the number of meetings that can be conducted with interesting customers on export markets for a limited investment.

As part of our service we also consult in how you can automate and optimize your sales processes with modern tools such as online meetings, screencasts, explainer videos, etc.

Our standard rates for full-time service is EUR 1300-2000 per month.


Our Process

  • Award of contract, calling can begin within 1 week
  • Kick-off meeting, discuss scope, market and targets
  • Target profile, define target decision maker
  • Script and sales collateral, prepare call script and email templates
  • Product training and test calls
  • Start of campaign, 4-10 days after kick-off meeting
  • Cold calling and email marketing
  • Lead nurturing, ongoing nurturing of leads until they are ready
  • Daily reporting and weekly status meetings


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