Our Services

Appointment Setting

We can help you set up appointments with your customers around the world and always fill your pipeline with warm and qualified meetings. We prioritize quality over quantity and book only meetings that fulfill criteria specified by you

Lead Generation

We can generate an ongoing stream of leads for your company with varying degrees of qualification, i.e., a booked meeting, an interested customer, a webinar signup, an invitation to a conference, etc.

Cold Calling

Our sales consultants can take on any kind of cold calling or telemarketing task, both inbound and outbound. They are trained to engage CxO/VP-level decision makers and attract their interest on your behalf.

Lead Nurturing

We use professional tools to ensure that all leads are nurtured on an ongoing basis and none are forgotten. Through various sales processes we ensure that leads are touched at the right moments and with the right frequency to maximize chances for success.

Support / Customer Service

Our consultants can also be used for other telephone-based tasks such as support and customer service. They can help provide your customers with qualified responses to their questions both online and via the telephone.

Market Research

We can help research new markets for your company to enter. In addition, using proprietary tools we can help qualify the most relevant companies to contact as well as contact information for the relevant decision makers. We can generate call lists for our work but can also work from call lists provided by you.