Web Alerts to Generate B2B Leads

Gug Alerts (http://www.gugalerts.com) is a new free solution for monitoring of the web. It works similar to Google Alerts but is more specialized and easier to use for particular types of alerts. It can be used to monitor the following types of web elements:

  • Standard alerts: for tracking any kind of content or keywords on the web
  • Website alerts: for tracking changes within a single website
  • Social media alerts: for tracking keywords on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Blog alerts: for tracking keywords on blogs
  • Person alerts: for tracking the mention of specific persons
  • Company alerts: for tracking the mention of specific companies
  • File alerts: for tracking the occurrence of files of specific types and specific keywords
  • Domain alerts: for tracking the registration of new domains with certain keywords (or owners)
  • Patent alerts: for tracking the publication of new patents with certain keywords

We use it to monitor the mention of our own company name (Sales on Tap) and also the mention of our competitors. We also use it to track the mention of certain questions on social media (and the web in general) that could be potential leads for us, such as “how can I export to Europe?” – or “how can I book meetings in German?”, etc.


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