5 Ways to Revolutionize Your Export Tactics and Get the Meetings You Need

Why is it that some people can create leads, make sales and deliver results while others simply can’t? How is it that, even when cold calling, these people get through to the people they need to talk to and have a productive conversation – sometimes with the target thanking them for calling!
At Sales-on-Tap, we have made it our business to become these kind of people. We deliver quality lead and meeting generation and have mastered the ability to get beyond the receptionist, beyond the disinterested target to the place you want to get to, the qualified lead. It isn’t easy, it’s not something that everyone can do and at times, it is not a job for the faint hearted. However, it is a job that we do, and it is a job we do exceptionally well. Our team has got together and produced their 5 most effective ways to generate qualified leads, and here they are.

  1. Firstly, be open, friendly and honest in your approach. Don’t try to be someone you are not, be yourself. There are a multitude of reasons for this but the main ones are that you will be more confident when you are not trying to create a “salesperson persona”. People want to talk with people; by maintaining your own personality and sense of humor you can endear yourself to your target as a real person. It also builds a good foundation for your future relationship.
  2. Have a strong pitch. I know everyone says this but rarely do they explain what it entails. A strong pitch means knowing your product exceptionally well, that is a given. What is also needed is knowing your customer. You need to know what your customer does, what their needs are and what their business is about. Losing the generic pitch and coming with a customized offer is much more effective than simply delivering the standard offer. If your client senses that they are simply the next on your call list then you have lost them.
  3. Personalization is another key ingredient to a strong pitch. Being personal means knowing the cultural background, what is considered polite and respectful in that country, using their name and even using a local phone number can build the confidence they need to have in you to the level required to get the meeting you need.
  4. Solve their problems. Make sure that you know their company and industry well enough to know what they need your product for. You can tee this up with them by asking them how they currently deal with the problem. When they talk – listen, and pick up on what they say then simply explain how your product will make their process easier/cheaper/more efficient/safer or whatever other advantage your product has.
  5. Finally, don’t give them all of this information at once. Give them a chance to digest what you say. Ask them what they think about each major point you make. Allowing them to respond means that they are involved and engaged in the conversation (listening) and allows you the knowledge to adjust what you say next if necessary, depending on what they say. You can make this easier by considering the type of response they could have before you make the call. They may be positive, negative, disinterested etc. Find ways to respond to each of these possible answers.

So there they are. 5 ways to revolutionize your export tactics and get the meetings you need. Of course there are other aspects involved but by applying these methods you are maximizing your chances of success. For more tips and hints about growing your export business, check our other posts or contact us to discuss your needs.


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