Which Countries in Europe are the Easiest to Export To?

When you are seeking to expand your business, looking at the options overseas can be of huge benefit to any company. Of course, like moving into any new market, it is not without its difficulties but in this article, we are going to look at the options with a particular focus on the available markets in Europe. Unsurprisingly, there are some countries that can be particularly difficult to move into and some which are relatively easy to become established in.

What Makes a Market Difficult?

Before looking at the “easy options”, let’s look at why some markets are difficult and then contrast those with the other markets available. The UK and the Netherlands can be two of the most difficult markets to start in. Why? Well, the UK is traditionally used as entry point by US companies entering the European markets and in fact by many other companies finding it easier due to the English spoken language. For this reason, decision making executives are constantly in demand for sales pitches from those seeking to enter or expand in the UK. This leads to many of them being hesitant to accept meetings with suppliers, however with the right approach and local knowledge this can still be achieved. The Netherlands is also viewed as a starting point by many US countries and does indeed contain the European headquarters for many large US corporations. In addition, similar to many other European countries, Dutch decision makers are relatively skeptical towards foreign suppliers.

Less Competition, More Opportunities!

It’s a common fallacy that markets that have less competition have less opportunities for businesses and investors. Countries such as Denmark, Iceland and Finland are three countries that, for a variety of reasons, are easier to enter for foreign companies. Decision makers, and the general populations, are more open to foreign investment and importing. This positive mentality towards importing creates an ideal opportunity for businesses to move into these markets. Since almost all Danish, Icelandic and Finn decision makers speak English, meetings with decision makers in these countries can be arranged relatively easily. This can also be true of other countries including Norway and Sweden. However, for countries like Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Switzerland having a local speaker as well as local connections and an understanding of local customs and mentalities are the key.

Accessing Export Markets With Ease!

At Sales-on-Tap, we offer services to help you target countries that will be warm to your advances. We want to convert these opportunities into long term and profitable business relationships between you and these markets. We have a wide network of sales consultants speaking different languages, each with good knowledge of local customs, cultures and language. Our people become your point of contact with key decision makers in your industry and in your market of choice. We work to overcome any potential skepticism of local executives to “foreign” investors by being a local voice. Arranging meetings with executives and preparing you to launch in a new country are just two of our outstanding services that can help ease you into exporting into Europe.

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