Quality Prospecting and Lead Generation – Every Single Time

There are so many people who offer contacts, email addresses, lists upon lists of companies that you are expected to cold call or send emails to, many of which end up in spam filters and are never opened. Such primitive methods are ineffective and also give a bad first impression of your company. Consider how many emails you receive with offers that you did not ask for. What is your impression of these companies? How many did you contact for more information? For most of us, the answer to these questions is “unprofessional” and “none” respectively. So, when you dismiss these options for growing your business exports, what other options are there? Let’s look first at what you are looking for as an exporter…

I Want Relevant Leads!
What is the point of contacting companies who will not be interested in your products? Why contact companies that are too small or too big for your services? There simply isn’t any reason to. That’s why, at Sales-on-Tap, we have developed the tools we need to ensure we can filter out the irrelevant companies from the list we actually contact on your behalf. We offer customized results, based on your requirements such as: Country, Industry, Size, Number of Employees, Title of Decision Maker and more…
With our excellent lead prospecting tools, experienced staff and a commitment to deliver only the most qualified leads, we can ensure you receive leads that are relevant to your needs. Our tools even maintain the contact details (not the standard company email address) of the company’s relevant people.

I Want a Customized Service for My Business!
We understand that to use our excellent tools to their full potential, we must first know what kind of leads will be most useful to your company. We don’t offer a “standardized” service where certain industries get the same leads. We know that there are many different factors which can be taken into account when matching you with relevant leads. This is why we take the time to get to know and understand your company. Our aim is that you will see our sales consultant as your employee. Someone who works for and on behalf of you to represent your business in the best possible way. By getting to know you, your employees, your company preferences, capabilities, goals and business model, we ensure that you get a customized service that brings you qualified, relevant leads – Every Single Time.


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