Achieving Exponential Growth in your Export Market Presence

When it comes to working and growing in an export market, most business will eventually come to ask the question:

“How can my company achieve ongoing, sustainable growth in an export market?” 

At Sales-on-Tap, we believe this can be done in either or both of two ways and that is why we specialize in offering services that can make growth possible for businesses of all sizes. The two options are:
•    Constantly find new customers
•    Focus on existing customers


Growth can be achieved by focusing on either of these methods; choosing the option that works for you is the key to success. For some businesses, finding new customers on an ongoing basis is vital as the product or service may be something that is not a repeatable sale. On the other hand, some businesses, particularly wholesalers and distributors, may find that by focusing on their existing customer base, they can achieve the kind of growth they desire. There are also businesses who need to effectively balance their work on both attracting new business and maintaining good relationships with their existing customers.


At Sales-on-Tap, we pride ourselves on our ability to assess our client’s (you) needs and quickly creating an actionable plan to suit their established practices and business model. In conjunction with our clients, we quickly determine what approach will work best as we seek to grow your exports. You will have a designated Sales Consultant who works, together with your existing sales and sales development people/teams, on your behalf in your specific market.


If you need to find new customers on a regular basis, our sales consultant will work tirelessly on a tailor made solution for you. This can include lead generation, market research and more. They will arrange meetings with qualified leads so your company can go straight to the people who are interested in your product or service. This eliminates the time which is usually wasted with leads that are simply not going to be fruitful. As you go to these meetings, you can be confident that our sales consultant is already arranging your next meeting thus giving you a constant stream of new customers.


If/when you have ongoing customers in export markets, you will want to ensure that these are maintained and fully exploited. As you know, sales to existing clients rarely increase without input from your business. Our sales consultant can be your constant representative in the ongoing relationship with your customer. Having a person who is familiar with the culture and language of your specific market is exceptionally encouraging for any customer. Through an ongoing relationship and excellent customer service, our sales consultant will ensure that your customer has the confidence to maintain and increase their business with your company.


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