How We Work

Sales on Tap finds and trains skilled sales consultants for meeting booking services. Your company can rent a personal sales consultant from Sales on Tap. He/she will speak and write perfect English, German, Spanish, Russian or French and can help with:

  • Market research: analyzing the potential of specific markets or segments
  • Customer analyses: make qualified lists of potential customers with certain areas including contact persons
  • Meeting booking: contacting the right persons at target companies to book meetings. You control how meetings are qualified.

The sales consultant works in close collaboration with your employees. We have processes in place to ensure a high quality. These processes may be adapted based on your requirements.

The sales consultant is connected to a single employee on your side and sends a daily status report. We typically have two status meetings per week for more detailed reporting. The sales consultant collects all customer information in a CRM system that you will get monthly exports from. The sales consultant is supervised by an experienced sales professional from Sales on Tap to ensure a high quality.


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