Exporting to Germany

Sales on Tap’s sales consultants can help you book meetings on the German market at a very low price starting from EUR 1300 per month

We can help you book meetings with potential customers and partners in Germany, as well as conducting market research, developing customer lists, coordinating the best approach with you, etc.

If you use our service, your current sales staff can focus on conducting the sales meetings and will no longer have to carry out the very time-consuming work of generating new leads and booking new meetings. The Sales on Tap sales consultant will become a part of your existing sales organization and will handle the initial part of the sales process with the generation of customer lists, finding contact persons, qualifying leads, booking meetings, etc.

You can use the service to go into new markets that you currently do not have the resources for, to ensure that your sales staff always have a steady stream of new qualified meetings to carry out, test out new markets, pre-book meetings for events, conferences and seminars, etc., etc.

It is much less expensive to engage Sales on Tap to carry out this service compared to hiring a full-time export sales consultant. We will book the meeting in German language and you can conduct the meeting in German or English. Our sales consultants speak perfect German.


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