New Sales on Tap Case Study

Sales-on-Tap case study: we have worked for a Danish company selling planning and scheduling software to enterprise clients, throughout  Europe.  As part of our recent work for them, our Sales Consultant has been very successful with arranging meetings, with a number of large companies. (Most of them would be regular constituents of the Forbes 2000 Global and Fortune 500 lists).

Over a 6-month period, we managed to book a number of high-quality meetings with extremely large entities, including meetings with organisations, such as eBay, EU Commission, VINCI, Umicore, Besix, etc.

Getting through to a relevant decision-maker or influencer, within such huge organisations, is often a daunting task. Along with enormous persistence, it requires excellent Sales, Product knowledge, and cold-calling skills –  and concerted effort in reaching the correct person – and generating interest. It might occasionally require pursuing different prospects, over several months, or speaking to dozens of people, before you’re finally in contact with the ultimate decision-maker.

Sales-on-Tap ensures that we assign a dedicated Sales Professional, to each of our clients. Our consultants undertake to only work on a single client, at any given time. The latter enables them to become fully-knowledgeable about the product/service they represent, as well as serving to build a good relationship of mutual accountability and trust, between Client and Consultant. We also believe this to be key to ensuring the overall high quality of the work we render for each of our Clients.


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